What’s New in Apple WWDC 2012?


What’s new in Apple WWDC 2012?

• Ivy Bridge Macbook Air
• Ivy Bridge Macbook Pro
• Retina Display, 0.71″ thin Macbook Pro
• Dictation to Mac Lion
• Safari: unified search, iCloud Tabs multi-device syncing
• OS X Power Nap: updates while your Mac sleeps
• OS X Mountain Lion arrives in July
• iOS 6 launch this fall
• Siri updates, Eyes Free, Siri car integration
• Siri to the new iPad
• Do not Disturb feature
• Facebook integrates into iOS 6, App Store, Macs
• Facetime over Cellular
• Passbook: all your gift card, movie tickets,  boarding passes in one place
• New Maps: 3D, Siri support
• Guided Access: expanded accessibility feature
• Chinese Market features: Baidu, Todou, Youku, etc.
• Lost Mode for iOS devices
• VIP feature

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