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Internet Cafe Package and Timer / Prepaid System

PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Package

PC CLINIC made it easy and fast to start and manage an Internet Cafe Business.

Easy-to-manage and Enhance Security System

With our Internet Cafe Admin System, the server controls the access to the workstations and let your customers to use them and login in several ways: Prepaid Card, User Account, Self-Service.
An Enhance Security Feature is pre-setted in the Admin System to avoid customers to edit any system settings or deletion of system files, to let your internet cafe business run smoothly and less-trouble. Learn more »

High-Quality and Longer-Warranty Hardware

With our High-Quality Hardware, PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Package has longer warranty than other providers on all major parts (Processor, Motherboard, Memory, Video Card, Hard disk, Monitor, etc.). See Specification »

The Best After-sales Service

When you encountered problems, PC CLINIC provides the best after-sales service in the industry includes: phone-based support, remote online-support service and on-site service (service charge may apply.)

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PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Timer and Prepaid Admin System

PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Timer and Prepaid Admin System is designed for a server-client model network. One computer (The server) controls a group of client computer (Workstations).


▪ Mass Prepaid Card Generation with Customized CARD TEMPLATE

▪ Flexible PREPAID CARD Settings (Price, Time Credit, Expiry Date)

▪ Follow Server Screen (For Training and Conference Purpose)

▪ CHAT between Server and Workstations



▪ User Rights LOCK DOWN on Workstations
  (User cannot access the following on all WORKSTATIONS:

▪ Remote Restart, Shutdown Workstations (From Server)

System Security and Permission


1. No Shut Down

All Workstations cannot shutdown by the user at the workstation. No Shutdown option at the Start Menu, Task Manager. Only the Admin can shutdown/restart workstations at the server.

2. No Log Off

All Workstations cannot Log Off by the user at the workstation. No Log Off option at the Start Menu, and Task Manger. Only the Admin can Log Off at the Server.

3. No System Properties

All Workstations cannot access the System Properties by the user. No System Properties option at the Context Menu of My Computer, and Control Panel.

4. No Control Panel

All Workstations cannot access the Control Panel by the user. No Control Panel option at the Start Menu, and My Computer.

5. No Right Click

The user cannot Right Click at the Desktop and inside system drive.

6. No Folder Options

Users cannot access the Folder Options at the toolbar. No Folder Options at the Toolbar, and Control Panel.

7. No Network Connections

Users cannot open the Network Connections at the workstation. No Network Connections option at the Start Menu, Control Panel, and Taskbar.

8. No Run

No Run option at the Start Menu, and Task Manger.

9. No Add/Remove Programs

No Add/Remove Programs option at the Start Menu, and the user have no permissions to install or uninstall any programs at the workstations.

10. No Drives

All Drives are hidden at the My Computer, and users have no permissions to access local drives.

How to Start an Internet Cafe

To start a new Internet Cafe, what you need to do:
• Find a place for your Internet Cafe.
• Apply a DSL connection. (PLDT MyDSL, BayanDSL, MyDestiny, Globe Internet)
• Choose PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Package. arrow Request a Quotation
• Start your business.

Internet Cafe Package Specification

CPU Specification Options:
• AMD Athlon 64x2 5600+ Dual-Core and up
  AMD Phenom x3 Tri-Core / Phenom x4 Quad-Core
• 1GB / 2GB DDR2 Memory
• 256MB GF7200 GS TC / 512MB GF8500 PCI-E Video Card
• 80GB / 160GB SATA Hard Disk
• nForce Chipset Motherboard
• 10/100 LAN, AC'97 / HD Audio
• ATX Case / Mini Case with 450/500W Power Supply, Exh. Fan
• A4Tech Headset, A4Tech Webcam
FREE: Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Pad, 500W AVR, Speaker
FREE: UTP Cable and RJ-45 Connectors
FREE: PC CLINIC Internet Cafe Timer and Prepaid Admin System
FREE: Network Cable Service (with-in NCR / Laguna / Cavite Area)

Monitor Options:
• 15" CRT Monitor
• 17" CRT Monitor
• 19" CRT Monitor
• 15" LCD Monitor
• 17" LCD Monitor
• 19" LCD Monitor

• 4 ports Rounter
• 8 / 16 / 24 / 36 /48 ports Switch Hub

Printer and other Peripheral
• HP Laserjet 1006
• HP/Epson Color Printer
• Scanner
• Card Reader

For Inquiries:

Please contact us at:
Manila: (632) 244-9517, 244-9549, 450-4223
Laguna: (049) 534--5167, 837-2715
email: pcclinic.com.ph@gmail.com
Yahoo Msger: pcclinic_csc / pcclinic_sr / pcclinic_pasig

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